Presidential Holidays is excited to welcome Mr. Elliot Brandt

Presidential Holidays is excited to welcome Mr. Elliot Brandt. Mr. Brandt is the Managing Director of National Affairs for AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee) where he oversees all aspects of AIPAC’s work outside of Washington, D.C. including all regional operations, national synagogue outreach, the AIPAC Policy Conference and the comprehensive leadership development efforts on America’s college campuses. Before joining AIPAC in 1994, Mr. Brandt worked for the San Francisco Jewish Federation, local political campaigns and coordinated the logistics for a company that airlifted medical supplies to Siberia and the Eastern Peninsula of the former Soviet Union. He is a Wexner Fellow, past member of UJC’s Young Leadership Cabinet, an Otzma alumnus and a graduate of Stanford University. Mr. Brandt will be a speaker this Passover at the Scottsdale Princess resort.